The traditional Finnish sauna provides beneficial effects on your health. Finnish sauna increases blood circulation and sweat flush toxins from the body. The sauna is also a great way to relieve pain and tension in the muscles; it helps to take your stress away and consequently provides you a feeling of well being.  

Steam sauna relaxes muscles and your mind. Steam sauna has a positive effect on skin rejuvenation. The heavy concentration of heat and steam opens and cleanses pores of the skin, improve blood circulation, clears the lungs and opens the nasal passages for easier breathing. Steam sauna is also good to burn calories.

Salt sauna has beneficial effects, particularly for the respiratory system and skin. Salt has a natural purifying and antibacterial effect and it has an extremely good effect on the respiratory system and cosmetic effect on the skin, which comes younger and smoother after sauna.

 Aroma sauna has relaxing effects, and it is one of the best therapies to reduce stress and tension. Fresh herbal scents have positive effects on well-being. Aroma sauna has an ideal bio climate and slowly warms the body, which in turn give a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and pleasant effect of the respiratory tract, skin and hair.