Traditional Finnish Sauna Thor and Freyja

Traditional Finnish Sauna increases blood circulation and removes toxins from your body among the sweat. It helps to relieve pain and tension in muscles, helps to relax and gives you a good feeling. Temperature 70-75 degreeds.

Steam Room Istanbul

Steam Room relaxes mind and muscles, and revitalizes skin. Warmth and steam opens and cleans pores, increases blood circulation, cleans lungs and opens respiratory tracts. Steam room is also good in burning calories! Temperature is about 50 degreeds.

Aroma Sauna Koli

Aroma Sauna has mostly relaxing affect. It is one of the best treatment, which removes stress and tension. Aroma scents affects comprehensive wellness. Aroma sauna has ideal warm climate, which slowly warms body affecting positively blood circulation and breathing, as well as in hair and skin condition. Temperature is 55 degreeds.

Salt Room Wieliczka

Salt sauna gives a positive affection to respiratory tracts and skin. Salt has natural purifying and antibacterial effect. It helps breathing and revitalizes skin making it smooth after sauna.

Infrared heaters in salt sauna. We are not recommending using the salt sauna if you are ill or are not sure about your health condition. If you are using medication, please talk to your doctor first. If you have a pacemaker, metal items, artificial joints, or other surgical instruments in your body, please talk to your doctor first before using the salt sauna. Temperature is about 40 degreeds.

Sun Room Bali

You can relax and lay down on warm mosaic beds in Sun Room, while watching nature pictures. Also music is coming soon! Temperature is about 40 degreeds.