Snowmobile safari

Snowmobile safari starts from Alamaja in the Koli harbor. After equipment and short driving instruction starts guided driving to the spectacular winter sceneries of Koli using forest and ice routes. Price includes: guided tour, driving equipment (helmet + balaclava, gloves, overall, boots), fuel and oil, route license.

Duration 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours

Price 85 €/per person, 140 €/per person and 165 €/per person

Minimum group size in 4 people

Children’s mini-sized snowmobile

Children’s mini-sized snowmobile has the same functions than adult snowmobiles, such as emergency – stop buttons. Driving happens under supervision. Age limit is 5-11 years.

Price is 10 €/10 minutes or agreement for a limited time.

Further information:

Reservations: Koli Activ tel. + 358 400 857 557 or