Koli’s top place’s round tour

Tour is about 1km long and it last 1hour. On the way you will hear stories about Koli’s history and stories at the old time beliefs. And you will see the national landscape. On this trip you will see and feel the top moments at the three top places, Ukko- , Akka- and Paha-Koli.

Prices :

7 – 15 people, 17 €/per person

16 - 60 peoples group, 15 €/per person

over 60 people, 11 €/per person

Mäkrävaara hike

Take over the magnifisent Mäkrä. A guided tour to the Mäkrä hill.

On to the tour we will follow one of the gorgeous Finnish artist step. Steps by painter Järnefelt. We will see Koli’s several beautifull faces. On the way we past top places and beautiful fields, differend kind forests. And we will have a lot of fresh air to breath.

And of course on our trip, we will enjoy hiking menu.

Trip is lasting 4-5 hours, and on the way we enjoy picnic-menu (includes vatrusta (traditional Finnish pastrie, like karelian pastrie but looked outside different, sausages, rye-bread and sweet berry pie)

Top place’s round and small Koli

Small Koli (Pikku-Koli) is like name tells smaller. Hiking trips will show to us, how Koli got it outlook’s. Trip is going around tour, we will check three highest point and small Koli area.


6 – 15 people, 27 €/person

16 - 60 people, 24 €/person

over 60 people, 20 €/person

Further information:

Reservations: Koli Activ tel. + 358 400 857 557 or