Summer activities

Koli National Park offers about 80 km marked trails in a hilly landscape with different type of nature, forest, flora and fauna. You can read more about Koli National Park here and about most popular trail Herajärvi circuit here

There is many seightseeing in Koli National Park, one of the most popular and interesting places is Devil's Church. It's a 33 meters long cave near the beach road Rantatie in southern part of the park. The other nice place to visit is Tarhapuro waterfall. You an go there from the parking place of Likolahti. There you can also go swimming or put a campfire. Third nice place to visit is Räsävaara seightseeing tower. There you can see 360 degreeds Koli. All these seightseeing are free.

Pielinen lake is the fifth biggest lake in Finland, length is 90 km and width 30 km. Pielinen has about 1500 islands! Therefore Pielinen lake offers many possibilities, like swimming, canoeing, fishing. In Koli harbour and restaurant Alamaja you can rent equipment for lake activities.

Car ferry MF Pielinen goes from mid June to early August from Koli harbour to Vuonislahti village in Lieksa. With or without a car it’s a very nice cruise on the beautiful lake Pielinen. There is also a restaurant on board. Ferry goes twice in a day and it takes about 1,5 hours. You can buy tickets from the ferry or Koli info in the Koli village.

Scenic lift gives an opportunity to see the lake Pielinen and hilly forests of Koli from the air. Scenic lift goes every day in summertime. Lift takes 8 minutes one way and goes 770 meters up in the air. It suites also to families. You can buy tickets directly from the lift.

In Koli and national park you can go riding with Islandic horses. These small but sturdy horses are easy to handle even if you are a beginner.  

Would you like to see reindeers even if it’s summer? In Koli everything is possible. Koli Activ organizes reindeer programs and also other summer activities.