Pikkukili in Lieksa

Zoopark Pikkukili in Kelvä village in Lieksa is a great place to visit with the whole family all year round. You can see about 250 animals. There is also a sightseeing tower, kiosk, grill huts, where you can have a picnic. From Purnuniemi to Kelvä is about 66 km (1 hour) by car. In wintertime you can drive there using the ice road of Pielinen lake, which is the longest inland ice road in Europe.

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   The New Valamo Monastery in Heinävesi

   The New Valamo Monastery in Heinävesi is a place worth to see and visit. There you can take part in an orthodox church services, see an icon exhibition, purchase icons in Tuohus shop or just gather strength in the silence of the monastery. From Purnuniemi to Heinävesi is about 114 km.

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Paalasmaa islands and ferry in Juuka

Paalasmaa is the highest island in Finland. From Juuka you can drive there thrue three islands by bridges and a ferry. There is three peaks in Paalasmaa, highest is over 200 meters above the sea level. There is also a seightseeing tower (näköalatorni) where you can see beautiful view to Koli hills. There is also a camping site and a summer kiosk. From Purnuniemi to Paalasmaa is about 28 km.

Kuorinka beach

Kuorinka is one of the most popular beaches in Liperi (about 18 km from Joensuu)

on the road number 9. People gather here for swimming, sun bathing, relaxing and having a picnic.

Kuorinka is one of the Natura areas. There is very clear and pure water, and a shallow sand beach.